Rio Grande BBQ\Texas Versatility


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Hey guys, I hear a lot of great stuff about this set but I do have some questions about it:

How open do they sound? I like a 3D kind of sound, I don't like pickups which are too dark or compressed.

Do they have a lot of treble? I really hate harsh treble, and I don't like just turning my amp's treble knob down to compensate.

Are they smooth sounding?

How do they sound clean? How do they sound split?

I'm a bit concerned the BBQ would have too much output, should I consider a texas for the bridge as well?

My second choice for a set would be the Dimarzio Virtual Pafs, if anyone has any opinions on those or any other pickups you recommend (under $100) i'd appriciate it.

Thanks in advance
these pickups sound great. they dont have a lot of treble, well, enough to cut through and not sound mushy, but not so much that they are icepicky. with regards to the EQ, they're kinda like those dimarzio's. but much more open, more raw, and yeah, versatile. I really dig the coiltapsounds, by the way. I prefer these over those dimrzios you mentioned, and for me, thats a rarity.