RG Powerbucker routing question


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I have taken an interest in those double jazz bass pickups that you see on the Fender AmDlx P bass....

Will the Rio Grande Powerbucker routing that Warmoth offers fit any double jazz pickup, or is it unique to the RG Powerbucker?

Here's a cut and paste from my "homemeade powerbucker" thread:

Warmoth offers routing for Rio Grande Power Buckers in their bass bodies...cool, except I've read alot of negative reviews about those pickups. So, I made my own. I took two Basslines Hot For Jazz j-bass pickups, Cut the bridge-side ears off the neck pickup and cut the neck-side ears off the bridge pickup, double face taped them together, installed them into the bridge position Power Bucker rout and wired them series-split (south single coil/both coils humbuck/north single coil). WOOHOO!

Notes: Yes, of course the neck pickup mounting ears are closer together, BUT: there is enough tolerance in the Power Bucker rout to allow this.
Haven't tried this with a Power Bucker rout in the neck position...will you be the first? Also this doesn't work with EVERY j-bass pickup pair: DiMarzio model Js are too big at the bottom, their ferrites and potting prevent this type of close combining. They hit, and ferrites touching each other might make for a crummy tone.


Aftermath: I've since changed the switching to series/parallel. Also realized that this approach won't work in the neck position as Warmoth probably uses a narrower rout that the bridge-width coil is too wide to fit into.

Be sure to incorperate some type of cool switching in your design, as that's probably the only real advantage to having two coils. For the some money you can buy a side by side boutique hum cancelling single coil.