Resource Book for Electric


I would like to know what are the best books to buy and learn the electronics for Electric guitar. Like easy to follow instructions, pictures, and diagrams.

thanks for responding!! have a good weekend!
Just to be honest with ya,your better off just using the internet, its way more detailed and informative than any book out there, everytime I do electronics, I always end up using stuff I got off the net, it makes my electronic books seem useless, If I had known ahead of time I would have spent that money on other stuff. :icon_thumright:

Here's a bunch of links :

Yeh I agree the internet is good, but theres something about having a book in your hands, I have a stack of guitar building books a foot thick and not one book dedicated to wiring. but each of the other books has a wiring chapter so I am able to educate myself that way.

Go to stewrt macdonald and check out their book dept  they have several books just for guitar wiring, I am gonna get one too.

Just for the record I too prefer books, and have my share as well as I have run off every usefull tidbit from as many links as I feel are use full now or maybe in the future.
I staple corresponding info together in sections, ie:  hum/single/hum configurations,   strat setups and mods, etc, etc........
so the stuff I find usefull can be in front of me during build/setup/wiring senarios.......... :icon_smile:

I have ( Guitar Electronics, By Donald Brosnac ) which is dedicated to wiring, but to be honest with you, I find it really weak compared to the Net............but from a beginers stand point it can be usefull in understanding different stuff.
Hey Beast, I checked out a bunch of your links, pretty good stuff there.

Your list of links there gave me an idea,  we oughta have A forum button on the main page just dedicated to links and information. no discussions.

It would be nice if there was a short quick blurb about the link then post it.

Many people on here, post a URL for something in a response or whatever, those should all be captured and listed in one area.