removing hairline scratches


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hi folks,

does anyone have any idea how i can achieve the above? thks!!

i noticed some light scratches on my guitar body after taking it back from the tech recently. i am not too bothered but did wonder if there is a way of removing them? thanks!!
i ordered it from the showcase, so the body was finished by warmoth in a nice tobacco burst. thks!
are you experienced with using a buffer?

I finish out my bodies with a 7" variable speed buffer, and 3M Finesse-It II followed by 3M Perfect-It II. If you read the packaging label you'll see what specific buffing pad to use with each product.

CAUTION: Be sure that the object you are buffing is secured and immobile - buffing with a motor-driven device will instantly turn your instrument into a projectile if it is not secured properly.

I attach my bodies to a wooden shaft, and this is firmly clamped into a vice. I can rotate the body as needed

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