Recessed tunomatic questions


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I'm dreaming up #13 an L5S with f holes and was thinking of what bridge arrangement to go with. I thought of using a Wilky trem but now I'm heading to a non whammy destination. I got a couple of bees buzzin' in my of which is the recessed tunomatic thing. Has anybody done one? I am thinking that the height adjustment screws would be inaccesible without taking the strings off and lifting the bridge out of the hole and maybe the best thing would be to go with a neck pocket angle and use a trapeze or stop tail. I like the string thru sustain. Maybe I should ask if I can have the six little holes without the recess.......decisions! decisions!!!....
Bill -

Good thing about the Gotoh TOM, the height-adjustment screws have slots in the top so you can turn them with a screwdriver if you can't reach the thumbwheels.

And the reason the string-thru holes always go with a recessed TOM is so that the string angle between the bridge saddles and the thru-holes isn't too steep.  They could probably do the thru-holes without recessing the TOM, but one or more of the strings would probably be resting on the back of the bridge.  That's not the end of the world, but it wouldn't look very cool, IMHO.
I've got an ESP Horizon NT-II with a TOM and string-through-body "tail". The TOM isn't recessed, but the string holes may be differently located for that purpose. Take a look a the Godin LGS, they have a recessed TOM and sting-thru's. I believe both systems work.
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