Recessed Tremolo Cavity Cover


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For rear-routed guitars, I think it would be a great option if you offered recessed tremolo cavity covers. It just seems funny to me (I mean on my own Warmoths) to have a recessed control cavity cover right next to a non-recessed tremolo cavity cover. 
This point has been raised quite a number of times. I'm surprised it hasn't been acted on by W. They have standardised the cavity for all the trem routes so all they would need is one option setting to cut the recessed surround. I would happily pay a bit extra to have all the plates look alike.
yes to hardtails
yes to recessed trem cavities.

My MIJ strat has this feature...was unawere untill a few years ago that this is not the norm for fender strats.

I never use the trem cover. Personally I'd rather not even have the screw holes drilled for one. I'm surprised that Warmoth's aren't recessed like the control cavity though.
Since Fender historicaly/typically doesn't recess that cover, Warmoth defaulted to the same. The other point is with a recessed trem cover, the trem block can hit the cover inside. That opens a fresh new can of worms for people saying "well, I didn't realize that my trem block would hit the cover if I ordered it that way. How is Warmoth going to compensate me for this?"  :redflag:    :laughing7:

Unless you have the spirit of willyk to make lemonaid out of lemons!  :icon_thumright:
Looks like there might be an opportunity for someone to make a router template for a recessed cover, anyone seen one anywhere?
Havent seen one , but how hard could it be?  Just make a rectangle and use the propper diameter router bit, route the propper depth, Done.
I never even use tremolo cavity covers, but I can see why someone would want them...however, if it had a Floyd the block would have to be 32mm though as opposed to 37mm for the dual recess, correct? Does seem like it'd open a can of worms they(W)'d rather not deal with...not like they sell replacement bridge blocks, and the places that DO usually have ones that will fit only OFRs and just a couple of the knockoffs (Schaller and Ping, if memory serves)....
warmoth can make the body 2mm thicker, that'd fix it.

but people could also buy high quality hardware, nice shiny chrome stuff and go with no cover and show it all off.
that would look bad if there was a recess and no cover.
That brings in to the mix the fact that you'd have to re-program the cnc machine to route 2mm less, & start the route 2mm higher just to compensate.  This sounds easier than it actually is to do.  Re-programming it takes hours.

You need to realize, all of the current options that are available to Warmoth are because extensive programming has already been implemented, and with exacting tolerances with 1/10th the thickness of a human hair in many circumstances.  Each option took Rod many hours to implement.  Each new option, or bodystyle, or headstock style, or neck profile, etc... involves much more time at the PC prior to wood ever hitting the machine, but with exacting tolerances being what they are, they payoff is priceless.
no need to reprogram, just mass modify the tool length offsets or, set the Z axis in the tool coordenate system or use fixture offsets, all are easy 2min jobs.
and it doesn't have to take hours to reprogram, beleive me. there are more ways to compesate or translate in the software than on the machine.

comanders and suppers often expect us to work miracles in the machine shop to get a broke jet flying and keep up the mission capable rates and make themselves look better for promotion. riverbluff will tell ya, he was a crew cheif, they have it pretty bad at times. i've written programs from scratch with 3d and/or 4th axis geometry and had a part ready to turn over to structures for installation in the same working day. my point is programing and modifying programs isn't a long process in todays world of cad/cam software if the programmer is skilled and farmilliar with the software.

on the other hand they'd need to make thicker body blanks, and the entire stock of blanks the have now could only be used for non-recessed cover bodies, unless they wanted to get creative and bind tops to the ones that dont already have one, and bind a laminate back to the ones that have a top already.

really i know they wont make recessed back covers, just impracticle. how big is the demand? i know i'm not the only one that doesn't use 'em.
then new bodies will have all diferent specs from the old, longer neck screws, ect. ect. and if they did it on the current bodies there would need to be a disclaimer the the trem block is not garenteed to fit, they'd need to make a list of compatable bridges, many of which are oem bridges.
DiMitriR33 said:
warmoth can make the body 2mm thicker, that'd fix it.

But why bother with all that, when you could just buy a shorter block? Assuming you're using a recessed OFR... :icon_scratch: