R3 floyd For 1-11/16" Nut width Narrow

Yes, I have two necks with that exact nut. And to be honest, sometimes i jam the side of my hand into the nut on the small E-string side of the nut. And it doesn't feel good.

I don't know why the nut has to have those huge V ears sticking up so high, I have thought many times about grinding one of them down to a more pleasing contour.

Another thing about that nut i dont like, when you tune your guitar, then set the string clamps, it pulls your strings sharp. I even have the string tree bar behind the nut, and it pulls the strings tight to the bottom on the back of the nut, so I am not sure where the pads are pulling on the strings, I dont have that problem on my ibanez.

For all the hype arround floyd rose, and the price you pay for them, it seems they could refine their stuff a little bit, I own 7 of them  :sad1:

However, those are nitpicks, you can live with the nut probably just fine. It feels just fine most of the time, but will depend on how you play, go try one somewhere.
CD- I dont know, I have never tried the R2 nut, I didn't think there was much difference between them other than string spacing, I really dont know.