Questions about 720 Mod

Hey guys, this is my first Warmoth build and planning on either a soloist or a strat with no pickguard and was wondering A, If the flat top soloist needs the mod or if it looks silly without and B. Will a Wilkinson trem/gotoh 510 (still deciding what one) give that issues with angle of the neck if it got the 720 mod? Also, will I need shorter neck screws if I get that mod?

I plan on doing a reverse tele neck if that helps any.


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If you have not seen it check out this page as it should answer most of your questions.

The geometry will have altered but the angle of the neck should not be an issue with the trems mentioned though they may feel different in practice than without a 720 mod.

An angled pocket it would be for non recessed Floyds and certain types of hardtail bridges but 720 mods and angled pockets can not be ordered together. See page linked.

The type of neck is not a factor in this case.

And here is a video that Aaron prepared earlier.



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If you plan to float your trem and want maximum clearance between the base and the body (for pull back, flutters, etc) highly recommend not getting the mod. If you plan to deck the trem, the mod will probably work out better for you since you'll be able to keep the saddles a little lower (in general, though not sure how those Wilkinsons are for adjusting saddle height).