Question about angled paddle head necks

So ive been thinkin about ordering a custom angled paddle head neck for a while but I have a few questions about it.  I want to order a blank paddle head because I want to have a reverse ESP headstock but im not sure if the headstock pitches are the same.  I know that on ESP's, especially ones with floyds, they have the reataining bar but im not sure if I would need one if I were to order a blank paddle head neck from warmoth.  Can someone help me out and clear this up for me???
If you have a locking nut you shouldn't need the string retainer unless the headstock is made so that the strings won't sit in the bridge by themselves without the nut locked. Just my $.02
well heres what im trying to accomplish with the angled paddle head

turning this:

into this:

what im asking is if it would work because of the difference between the headstock pitches because i honestly dont know what pitch the ESP headstocks are at.
I don't think there is enough wood on the paddle head to make that headstock, but it's not like I know the exact measurements. I've always assumed the paddle head was just for Gibson style (3/3) headstocks.
I don't know, it looks like it would work to me, but I also do not know the answer to the question about the headstock angle.  You might try the support link on their website, maybe you could e-mail them with that question.  As far as if there is enough wood there, you could measure one and find out from Warmoth what dimensions the paddles are.  I have found that if you bug enough people you can usually arrive at some kind of answer! :laughing11:
You could always just use the Jackson style headstock, there isn't that much difference.
thumb55 said:
You could always just use the Jackson style headstock, there isn't that much difference.


anyways, i should be thankful that warmoth just put up a new paddle head neck in their showcase.  I know its not the angled paddle head but its close enough.  But it looks like there would be enough wood for me to cut out the ESP design.