Proposition for Firebird build


Here's my idea for a new build

-Unfinished Firebird body, alder, 2 full hums or 3 mini hums, TOM bridge
- KWS mahogany neck, rosewood board,
- Sperzel locking tuners
-TonePros bridge
- i'll probably finish it with ReRanch, maybe a two-color burst or Fiesta Red.
-Hopefully SD jazz/

Just wondering, any opinions on an alder bird body with hummers?

And; can Warmoth make a hollow firebird body?
Hello! Welcome to the forum! :icon_thumright:

As far as I remember no hollow Firebird body...

Alder ok, 98,87% ( :laughing7:) of people here agree about :
1) body doesn't counting very much on tone...
2) TonePros doesn't change in nothing the tone and sustain...
3) Rio Grande Pickups (same price) and Bare Knuckle Pickups (more expensive and from UK) are better than SD...
This is the kind of answer that you can expect to be answered here

I just think that the KWS doesn't fit very fine the body... but ok, it's your guitar... Can't remember if Warmoth does the Firebird headstock as custom order...

Finish I'll just let it to Jack, -CB- and The Finish Master "Tonar"  :icon_thumright:
A Firebird body without a Firebird peghead neck is just plain WRONG, so it doesn't matter what else you do....
Thanks for the help guys. yes i know the KWS headstock ain't cool, but i didn't know Warmoth does custom firebird headstock orders (do they?) As far as the pickups go, i suppose you're right about SD, perhaps i'll invest in some HighOrderPickups (handwound, real cheap). Anywho, thanks again for the help. hopefully ill one day post the final product.  :rock-on:
Best to know about Firebird headstock is send a message to any sales rep on Warmoth:

EDIT: As post from Rich under, there is some on showcase, for custom order, talk to guys above
My suggestion is to go for the minibuckers.  I just purchased a set of the GFS Mini-Birds, will let you know how they sound once I get things wired up.  Would have gone whole-hog with Bare Knuckle or Genesis, but budget won't allow @ present (plus, I don't think BKP are doing minihumbuckers any more).  If you go with the Firebird headstock, I suggest that you DON'T try to order the "banjo-style" Firebird tuners from Wildberry Castle, even though they have them listed/pictured as available on their website.  Sixty bucks and a bunch of unanswered emails later, I'm still without the ones I tried to get.  I went ahead with the Steinberger gearless tuners; they seem to be pretty much the way to go if you want to approximate the original Firebird look on a build.