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Hi everyone! After lurking about the forum and the warmoth page quite a bit, the p-bass project is starting to come together. As far as the overall looks and such that is. I'm still not sure on pickups and bridge. The pickup configuration is a P/J solution right now, but i'm also thinking of a P/MM setup. In the P/J config. i'm thinking SD Quarter Pounders, anyone with experience on those pickups? Controls will be (unless conviced otherwise) Volume/Volume/Tone and side mounted jack.

Body will be a one piece clear coated swamp ash, I just love the looks of the natural wood. black white black pickguard. black knobs and black hardware to make a contrast between the body and the rest.

The neck is one those things i'm under the impression could make or break the project, so i'm interested in feedback on my plans on a maple/ebony j-bass neck, all black. The sound i'm after is something to compliment my Fender J-bass. Something with a more modern sound, more output, more low end and more sustain (yup, want it all :icon_biggrin:) and im not going active. How much will my choice of nut influence the sound? Any suggestions?

The gotoh 206 bridge is really appealing to me, the possibility to string through the body and just the bridge is great. But i've read somewhere the 206 is a discontinued model? True? In that case, is there another string through body/string through bridge solution out there thats comparable in quality?

Well that's the plan, but research will continue untill I can get the finances together (When the musical G.A.S. overrides the ski G.A.S) A short note to warmoth, have you realised what you have done by opening the e-shop to international customers?! The last psychological barrier against ordering is no longer present, you will drive a lot of people in to voluntary bankruptcy! hehe, and it's all good :headbang:

frozen greetings from Norway, J

A little photoshop quickie for pre viz:



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It looks like all they have left in the 206 is black, so you may want to jump on it ASAP. I've got one on my Jazz and like it a lot.
Hey Jorundr,,I built a Warmoyh PJ a while back and I love that thing.I also own Jazz basses but this one is often my "go to" bass,.Swamp ash body,maple neck ,Pickups by Curtis Novak that kick major ass(passive)wired with an old school 62 Jazz stack knob config.This one is really the best of both worlds.Painted with nitro in Daphne Blue.Badass bridge and shaller tuners keep the strings hummin'.The Novak pickups are no more expensive than Fralins but I think that they sound better( I own both)and are hand wound.If you use the stack knob setup you wont have to drill a side jack.




Well there you go...GAS is a tough thing to deal with,but if you start with Warmoth parts and use the best components that you can get your hands on at least you will be burning HIGH TEST GAS!....good luck with your build we'll be watching.

Cheers :eek:ccasion14:
Thanks for the input guys!

I've noticed your bass in the gallery instagator, and it just looks classic! The stacked knob setup is interesting, i really prefer the jack in the front so this is something I'll consider.
Another question: I'm also thinking of upgrading my rather dull sounding Fender Jazz. As you own some J-bass models, any good tips on upgrade parts? The badass II bridge is just a massive piece of hardware, me like :headbang:

Well I do use Badass bridges as well as Ken Smith bridges.My Pickups are Novak or Fralins.I use CTS pots with Caps from Angela Inst. mostly .047s wit an ocasional.022 for the bridge pickup in a stack config.Switchcraft jacks are the norm.Can't beat Shaller BML's for tuners

Hmm.  For neck woods how about goncalo/ebony.  Nice sustain with gonc and good attack with the ebony; a litte more on the darker side tonally.  Or satine/ebony or satine/pau ferro.  Something a little different.

Maple/ebony would not be a bad combination either.