problem with my new wireless


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hey guys
i just bought a brand new line6 XDS plus digital wireless system.

Everything seems to work (i.e., they are powered up and registering that they are working), except there is no actual sound being received from my transmitter. I have tried all 5 channels.

bit of product specific stuff for anyone who has one:
On the receiver the light 'rf' is on (when i put the transmitter off, the 'rf' light is off).
When i play guitar, the level lights on my tranmitter go on (in blue).

On the receiver, once in a while the blue lights on the audio level run from up to down. The lights on 'TX battery' are all off.

i have tried everything i can think of: through my pedal board, direct to amp, different power suppllies, guitars, batteries, cables, adjusting antennaes, standing close/far away, and still nothing.

on the line6 forum there is a bloke from netherlands with exactly the same problem (in fact part of this thread is copy n paste from his original thread), i have contacted him via the forum, and he told me that he and his dealer are trying to contact line6 about it and they won't respond. i read elsewhere on the forum something to do with the output of the receiver only working with stereo cables. however this is not mentioned at all in the manual, and surely it would have it somewhere in the specs is this was applicable?

if anyone could help i would be eternally in your debt, as i am playing my first "pro" gig in a few days and would love to not trip over my cables again like on saturday night  :tard:

My friend uses the smaller version of that wireless.  All I can say is try to think of the stupid little stuff you might never think you'd be dumb enough to do.  Like.. is your amp on? or have you got the wireless hooked up on the proper side of your pedals? (dont laugh. i've done it)

  If I were you I"d try to get ahold of Gregg from warmoth on here somewhere,  He uses the Rackmount version of that wireless.
Your indicator lights seem so to be working like mine. I did have some intermittent popping issues and sent the whole unit back for an inspection. They updated the software in my battery pack and I haven't had that issue again. They (X2) were great to deal with. Don't know about the new Line 6 representation of that product.
thanks for the help guys,
i'm trying my best to rectify this by myself, as sending it to X2 or line6 would be a massive hassle for me (i'm from australia).
i've tried working through the "stupid" stuff, and i think i've pretty much tried every combination of cables/pedals/amps/guitars possible. its like, the units are working fine, and the rf from the transmitter is registering, but it's not actually communicating the signal from transmitter to receiver. i just can't wrap my head around what's wrong. even with the stereo cable thing i mentioned, surely if the untis were calibrated correctly it would still at least register a connection other than just the transmitters rf? the wireless came in all the original packaging etc with all proper original components (i checked on the line6 website), so it's not like someone has done a dodgy on me.

god this is frustrating  :tard:  :help:
I just thought of something.

That particular model can be used with more than 1 transmitter pack right?  You could go out and buy an extra one and have both transmit to your receiver (lets say if you were swapping guitars and rather than unplug your transmitter you just have one for each to make things hassle free), isn't that right?

So doesn't that mean youv'e got to go through some sort of initialization process to `link' your pack to that receiver?  Maybe you havent done that yet?  Kind of like setting up a wireless controller for an Xbox 360, if you get what I mean.
Check that you are receiving  on the same channel that you are transmitting... According to the bumf on the website, these things are frequency agile (meaning several people can use independent wireless systems in the same place without interfering with one another.).

Apparently it can operate over 5 preset 'channels'. Ie if the beltpack transmitter is set to chan 2, the floor box must be set to channel 2 also.
page 6 and 7 should help if you haven't already seen this.

I just re-read your post.  Looks like you tried this.
@volitions advance: yeah i've thought about that, it's almost exactly the problem; the pack and receiver need to be "paired". but there are no "calibration" buttons or anything (like on a nintendo wii remote) or anything, so i have no idea.

@jimh: no worries dude, i tried that originally. it's weird, it's such an easy setup when you look at it, so simple, but yet there is something majorly screwing up.

and line6 still haven't responded to emails/PMs/forums.

I'm not a fan of Line 6 stuff.  I wish you luck in getting your problem solved...