Probably a very foolish question...

Hey all,
"Wash?" Please define.

What would you recommend? Is the Wilkinson, for example more worth the extra money?
If the 6-hole Vintage Fender works about as well as anything else, I'd rather put money into pickups, ensuring that I could afford everything sooner, thus saving transportation to and from the States (living overseas) and making sure I get my precious guitar built before I drive myself mad wishing for it...  :doh:

Thanks Everyone. As I'm sure you can plainly see, I'm pretty clueless, sot thanks for hanging in there with me!
If it's a "wash", that means it's about equal or doesn't matter or is inconsequential in context. Same as "Dass ist mir Wurst" if you speak German
Plus with the individual saddles you can match your neck radius on the bridge, if you have the warmoth compound radius then I don't really know what the bridge should be. I have mine at 16" right now. Get these,_fingerboard_preparation/Understring_Radius_Gauges.html