Potting pickups question


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Hey, I can't remember, are you supposed to take off the tape around a non-metal covered pickup's windings before you put the metal cover on and dip it in wax?
I soldered covers on so I couldn't retape anything. I just potted with the covers on. I'll hope for the best now.  :icon_biggrin:
Here's info from an article Fralin wrote in 1995:

"Don't remove the tape from Gibson-style pickups. The heat may cause the tape to unwrap, so stretch rubber bands around the pickup to hold the tape in place, and only remove them after the pickup has cooled."

There are several types of ways that pickups are taped.

Gibson tapes each coil, then for uncovered pickups - they tape the two after they're mounted.  You must undo this outer wrap to get covers on (usually, but not always).

Other places just wrap each coil.  Others only wrap around the outer assembly.

If you have coils on, just leave it all in place and dunk the pickup.  If you have covers off, use the rubber band trick.