Planning a Mustang project "Single 'bucker rock 'n' roll"

Hi everyone,

I'm going to build a Mustang for a friend.

The specs so far:
Mustang PRO construction neck
Quarter-sawn maple standard thin countour
Rosewood fingerboard
Cream dots
White Corian nut installed by Warmoth
Stainless jumbo frets
Kluson tuners
Mahogany Mustang body
Contoured heel
Standard routing
Narrow-spaced hardtail strat bridge
Vintage pearl pickguard with single humbucker and no switch holes
Mustang control plate: volume and tone with push/pull coil-tap or perhaps parallell switch
Seymour Duncan '59
Candy green body and matching headstock

Any suggestions or comments?

I'm building this guitar for a friend who has grown sick of her Jaguar. She likes the 24" scale but dislikes the bulky body, all the switches and the poor excuse for a bridge. She also wants a thicker sound with no-nosense controls.

Also, considering that the Floyd Rose has a string spread of 2-3/32" (53mm), would it be aesthetically more pleasing to use a trembucker rather than a standard one with the narrow hardtail strat's 2-1/8" (54mm)? I'm sure that a standard one would do just fine sound-wise but this is her guitar and I want it to be just right.
I'm confused, are you considering a Floyd Rose in lieu of the narrow spaced Strat hardtail?
jackthehack said:
I'm confused, are you considering a Floyd Rose in lieu of the narrow spaced Strat hardtail?

No, I was just making a comparison to a bridge that most people like a trembucker with.

So, the Mustang is getting a hardtail!
My feeling on the second pickup is, "Why not?" When it's there you always end up using it, and if you're going to all the trouble to build a guitar, sticking in another pickup is minor compared to the rest of what you're going through. I like single-coil neck pickups for the SRV/Eric Johnson sound, or at least a parallel switch option on a neck humbucker to clean it up. I used concentric volume/tone pots on my "Mustang" so that I could dial in a certain amount of neck PU to temper the Bridge PU - a Bill Lawrence L500, quite a screamer. If you're using SS frets, it's going to be BRIGHT - another reason to think about a neck pickup option. I also drilled out the top plate and put the selector switch there and dug out a hole in the side for a conventional jack plate, you have to be careful because the Mustang's only 1.5" thick but it will work, even with a square jackplate.