Pics of my completed birthday present


I posted in 'just out of the box' this body when I received it, just realized I never posted the completed guitar.  Here it is, my 50th birthday present to myself.  The body is black korina with a quilted (duh!) maple top.  The neck is a maple neck I had on another Strat that I swapped out for this guitar, this neck makes it sound better than the Black Korina one I was going to use.  The pickups are WCR SR, the hardware is Callaham.  Tim Schroeder did a fret job and now it plays amazingly.


Happy Bday!!

that is a great strat!
I love the binding and especially love the contrast between the top and back!
Very cool.    From the front, the natural binding gives it an awesome look against the blue, but the korina back is a fantastic and unique twist.  Against the the neck, with the mild touches of flame, it has a very raw, earthy, feel to it.

I like it a lot.

So what's gonna be the 51st birthday present? ;-)
Patrick said:
nice build!
what does the decal on the headstock say?

The headstock has a take on my consulting company name (BlueTone Consulting).  BlueTone Guitars is a play on that.