Pickup question


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Hi all,

Got a couple pickup questions.  I am going to be putting them in a VW carved top with a wilkenson trem ,  I just want to verify that I need F-Spaced humbuckers.  Also, do I need long taps (1/2 inch) or Short tab (1/4 inch)  I can't remember which.

Thinking about the BKP Riff Raff  or Holydiver set.  (Love the Low pound to $$ rate ATM!)


Yep, the bridge will need to be f-spaced with a wilky.  As for the neck that depends on the nut width.  I believe most people recommend getting an f-spaced pickup at the neck as well if the width is going to be 1-11/16th or wider and go with standard width at 1-5/8th.  I've followed that advice on 2 separate guitars and things have worked out fine.

BKPs are finanlly affordable in the US!! At last...

Yeah, I think it's long on a carved top.  Maybe worth checking though by emailing them.  I hear they are pretty good at responding to customer questions.
Very good custome service.  This will be my 3rd guitar with BKP installed and given the current exchange rate, I may be refitting my Gibson LP with a set!  :headbang1: