Pickup for soloist hotrod


I started with an old Ibanez neck and I added a Warmoth poplar Soloist body. I plan to run a single HB, single volume, coil tap and a Floyd Rose tremolo. The neck is rosewood over maple and I'm looking for a vintage 80's rock sound, specifically an early VH sound.

On my list are:

Super Distortion
Fralin HB

I put the Fralin in there because I have them in my 73 LP and in talking to him and explaining what I want he nailed it.

I've listened to sound bytes from the other three, but I'm not sure what guitars they're in, woods, necks, etc. Eddie's FrankenStrat used a P.A.F. from a 335 but I'm sure it was rewound, and wax dipped, so a hot P.A.F. type would probably work too.

So far I'm leaning toward the Super Distortion only because it's the cheapest and it gives me a starting point of saying I'd like more of this or less of that...

I'm a big fan of the Super Distortion so I say you couldn't go wrong there.  I have a high output Bartolini PBF77 in my soloist and I really love it, similar to the super distortion with a little more low and low mid, very fat sounding.
JB or Super distortion are classic 80's pickups.  I have a JB in a Les Paul and a Super D in a Warmoth Build.  Love them both.  JB has an upper mid boost to make it sing and SuperD seems to have more growl to me.
I had never heard of "Bare Knuckle" pickups before I got to the Warmoth site.  I have picked up from this site that they are hand wound in the UK.  Does anyone know if there are any music stores here in the states that carry them??  I'm a Seymour Duncan guy, but I'd be open to others if I could hear how they sound.  Hell, I've never even heard of Rio Grand or Fralins.  I guess I should try to get out more, or pull my head outta my butt or both.  :laughing7:
I'm not good enough of a guitarist to need $180-$200 pickups. I got a set of nickel covered SD's for the price of one uncovered BK and just picked up a nickel covered JB for $50 on eBay. When I get my record deal, maybe I'll try to get an endorsement hehehe ;)
Me neither Drex.. I'll just stick with my Seymour Duncan JBs, Jazz and '59's.  For 75 bucks a shot it's a great deal for a great sounding pickup.