Pickguard on '51 P bass


So, I'm currently planning a future warmoth order, and I had a couple of questions:Will a standard p bass pickguard fit on a '51 p body (both warmoth parts) and if yes, can i order a '51 body that has the control cavity routed so that it works with that pickguard?

Thanks in advance.
excellent question, as the '54 body is noted as being identical to the '51 profile but with added contours and a larger round over radius ... but no reference to the '51/'54 is made for the standard P-body profile. When I A/B images of the '51 and regular P-bass bodies, it appears the the later body style has a larger radius at the horn tips and a small cut-out space for accessing the neck. maybe this is just an optical illusion in the images

I'm looking forward to hearing what the answer to this is from those in the know

all the best,