Phoenix Guitar Project


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Soloist alder body using automotive urethane paints in a can. The photo below shows the body after the clear coats have been applied. Next, I'll be fine sanding and buffing, then assembling...

Click the link below for more pics and a soon to be released documentary video:


After final sanding and buffing. Orange peel be gone! I'll be posting a topic in the Soloist Gallery when I'm done assembling. Thanks for your comments...

Thanks. I originally wanted to use the trans-am firebird decal but I wanted something modern instead. I found this phoenix on

Pretty cool, I'm a big Trans Am Freak....Love it...Needs 6.6 on it somewhere..... :icon_thumright:

Although I must say, you should have waited to put the decal on, cause you got some serious orange peel going on there. definitely in need of a color sanding to smooth things out.... :dontknow:
It's not a decal (sorry to confuse). I had a stencil made of a phoenix I downloaded online. Check out my assembled guitar in the Soloist projects section. Or go to my website:

Thanks for your compliments and feedback...