Phase pedal placement


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MXR Phase 90 script.  Tube screamer knockoff max gain.  Tube amp (Epi Valve Jr.) just to the point of breakup.  Home practice volume.  Humbucker equipped Warmoth strat.  Placement suggestions?  I am looking for the phaser to be as SUBTLE as possible, and I keep going back and forth on order - I'm sure it depends on the air, amp that day, etc., but what theoretically would be the correct order to minimize the effect of the Phase 90?

At band practice I run the Phase straight into my Crate V18 dimed and it sounds great.  I am looking for the same sound at lower volumes at home.
If your lookin for a MORE subtle sound from your phaser.... I would put it before your tube screamer. Ive always put it before my distortion and it makes it MUCH more subtle than say, in the effects loop or after the distortion. but that may just be my rig, I dunno. Ive got a BYOC MXR clone and it makes it the perfect little shimmer for me when I do that.  :icon_thumright:
From what you describe, you would like it before the distortion.  Some follow the idea that the modulation/echo/reverb/eq pedals work best after the distortion (and preamp) and should be placed in the effects loop to prevent them from being molested by distortion.  I dunno.  What ever sounds good.  In your case, it sounds like you run it in front of you normal amp when it is running are meltdown volume, so putting the pedal before the distortion would probably best emulate it.  The only other suggestion is to take the home rig to the practice spot and see if you can figure out how to make them sound equivalent.  Good luck

I always think about what each stompbox is doing in laymans terms.

Do you want to phase the distortion? or Distort the phase?

I always put my Phaser After distortion because that way I'm phasing the distorted tone.  It makes the phaser the main effect and its usually quite.... obtuse and in your face.

If you put the phaser first, you'll be adding the distortion to the phased signal and the distortion is mostly what you hear.  Thats how I always tried to reason it out anyway.
Phasers and flangers after the preamp, distortion and EQ can create a MONSTER sound, particularly if you can go stereo. However, for subtle or "classic" (I hate that word) putting it early would be the way to go.... it's almost like two different effects, depending on where it's placed.
Chorus is like that too, if you just stick one in front of one amp it can be real thin and cheezy but if you use it to separate and stereo-ize two different amps, Katie-bar-the-door. :party07: