paint sticks


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stupid question

Ive seen pics here on the forum but nobody has ever really talked about how they attach the paint stick to the guitar body. Im close to the point where im gonna stain and oil the body but not shure what to use and how to attach it safely.

Just stick it in the neck pocket, drill the two holes through the existing neck holes and use a couple of nuts/bolts to attach
nother trick is to put an i bolt where the strap button goes, and hang it from a rafter, worked for me.
If you have a rear rout and a side jack, you can hold it inside the cavity with your thumb in the jack hole, sort of like holding an artist's palette.  Your arm might get sort of tired though.  This how I tung-oiled my strat.  To dry, I hung it from a bent hanger through the side jack hole.
yeah. my main concern was ive seen ones where they put extra screws into the neck pocket....didnt like this idea...bolts through the neck pocket would work for me. are those 1/8" holes?