P90s? 500k or 250k pots?


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Quite a few of you seem to have p90 loaded instruments and damn fine they look too. Just wondering do you stick 500k pots on there or 250s?
I wire mine up per Gibson style, 500K vol pots, 250K tones. Experimented and with the Rio Grande P90s seems like a .022 cap works best....
Gibson uses... depending on what they feel like...

500k or 300k on vol, and 300k on tone.

Keep in mind, G's 500k is more like 425k, and the 300k's are good to make 250k.  Gibson uses perhaps the worlds worst pots, with a plastic substrate that is easy to melt.

The Warmoth pots are not too bad though
Using P90s in a thinline Mahoganny bodied telecaster so only using 1 vol and one tone. Think I'll go for the 500s, as its mahoganny theres little danger of it being too bright.
By the way CB what would be a sensible capacitor for that 500k volume and 250k tone setup? I'm clueless about capacitors!!!

In another thread - there are the GREEN mylar Radio Shack capacitors - they're just fine, and sound as nice as any boutique cap, but carry zero bragging rights.  The .022µf ones in any modest voltage are just fine.  You might see them in a few voltage sizes, get the ones that will be physically easy to work with - ie - not too small to be a @#$@#$ and not too big to crowd things.
I've ordered a few today. Their pretty big but the control cavity on thinlines is pretty huge anyway. Thanks again.

I've just completely gutted and rewired my squire tele and its actually working. While there was a fair bit of guessworkk and I've hardly done a pro job its sounding pretty sweet and has been great soldering practice. Can't remeber what Cap I put in there but the tone is pretty good.