Optional Reposition of Strat Volume Knob?


How about a standard option (on rear-routed bodies and on pickguards) for repositioning the Volume Knob on a strat, for those of us who don't want it jammed up into the bridge and lead pickup?

Instead of three knobs, eliminate the center (1st tone) knob, and reposition the Volume knob to in-between #1 & #2.  Leave knob #3 alone.  I always accidentally whack the volume knob.. turning it down and robbing the guitar of its tone.  Moving back a little would stop that.  Merely eliminating the first knob always looks "incomplete" to my eyes.
They can supply them undrilled, for no charge? I never know exactly where my knobs are going till I fuss around a bit. I too hate the Strat volume knob position, I do swells with a volume pedal and I don't like the Strat knob wearing the skin off the top of my little finger. There are so very many things "wrong" with classic Strat design... sigh.... good thing there's Warmoth! :toothy12:
I think Ibanez has a good placement with their strat copies:

You can always order a rear route or custom pickguard undrilled and do it yourself, not a big deal.

Also, never be afraid to call and ask, although with certain body types if you order a Showcase body on line if you use the web interface you only get certain options from the template, if you call you can order a different configuration sometimes. For example. for an upcharge you can get std. LP control routing on a Telecaster body. When I ordered a VW body when they closed them out they couldn't do PRS/McCarty/VIP controls, so I got Strat X-T-T controls and drilled the hole for the 3 way toggle myself.
I think that option would be great. Always looks a bit strange if you have only one knob and it's in position one. Looks better on old Charvels or Kramers where it is, like the OP said, a bit more down.

I don't have any of the facilities to do woodwork myself (and not very good at it :) ) and having it someone else do it I'd probably never be sure if it is really in the right position. I'd rather just have the option given by Warmoth. Also cool if you order several bodies and the knob is always in the same spot.