On a string hunt

One day, I'll get back to my 12-string acoustic. For now, due to convenience and volume, my classical is the one that's out in the open in the rack. My 12 is stored safely in its case.
I change my acoustic strings so infrequently it's hardly the sort of thing I feel comfortable mentioning in polite company, but I'll say that after playing martin marquis red label for many years, I couldn't get 'em anymore. And then it was whatever was on sale cheap. But I've finally seen the Elixir light, and I feel far less guilty about how long I often go between changes. I find the Elixirs bright and balanced and harmonically complex. And this is on a mahogany Martin DM dreadnought, which ought not to be so complex, what with the laminated back and sides; but there you go. It ain't rosewood or koa, but it's surprisingly rich with the Elixirs.
Ibanez artwood AW-400 all they way baby! BETTER than any Martin.

uh, for the price.....................I kid!!
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My absolute favorite strings for acoustic are plain Jane D’Addario Phosphor Bronze. As is typical, they lose tone you play them so the older Martin SPs were also my go to strings balancing tone and longevity. (Despite playing Elixirs on my electrics, they sound too muffled for me on acoustic) I am going to try the latest and greatest D’Daddario treated/coated (maybe EXP?) in the white pack to see how they go…