Oly White with a Blackface Twin


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Here is the Olympic White finished. It has the most outrageous Birdseye Maple neck I have had my hands on.
1 Piece Swamp Ash 3. 6 oz
Vintage Modern Fat Back 1 5/8 neck with 6100 frets, Kluson Style tuners
Bone Nut
Callaham Cryogenically treated Fralin Pickups
Left Hand Callaham Tremolo


Check the freckles on this one.

Tonar that is just BEEEEOOOTYFULL.. That's one hell of a color combination as well as woods, pickups hardware...the whole nine yards. That neck is ridiculously gorgeous, we need to see the back.  :headbang1:
Nice amp too!
wooooow! that thing is HOTT! thats like my dream strat right there! The pickguard suits the white sooo well ! awsome job!!  :toothy10:
Seriously, man, if you would like to see me cry, I'd be willing to come on over and look at some of these things in the "flesh",  and trust me you would see it!  "Man Who Couldn't Cry" my ass.
that google search got me this link. These guys mape paper you can print your own decal in inkjet or laser. dont know how this stuff would hold up under lacquer or other finishes.


That neck is the best figuring I think I've seen yet on any build here. What do you think about that Callaham tremolo unit? I've heard a lot of raving about it on the internets.
I scored this neck on the showcase.  That was before the buy-it-now days so I could not dial the phone fast enough to make sure I got it.

I use Callaham bridges on all my strat builds and they are exceptional. I do change the saddles on guitars that I am going keep to vintage 54 saddles which I prefer for look and tone.  If I am building for a customer the Callaham saddles stay and sound great. 

On my next strat build I am going to try a DeTemple Titanium Trem Block to see if they do what Michael DeTemple says they do but they are very pricey.