Ohhh ... The Irony



Put my laptop on my 40" HD Screen today . . . Great ?

Now I have to wear shades :glasses9:

AND ... I blur from the keyboard to the screen :doh:

Some one save me pleez,  :laughing8:

I'm gett'in old and need a group hug . . . anyone else have this problem ?  :tard:
Go buy an American made motorcycle.  Remove the restrictive exhaust, and wear a helmet with steer horns affixed in "El Diablo" mode.


Hey it worked for me!~


and WOW . . .I called you EVIL  :evil4: in a previous post . . . how clairvoyant on my part  :icon_scratch:
Those horns are bit over the top. But the bike is manly.

But my dad's is faster. I just grabbed this pic from google, my dad had done some major 'tweaking' to the bike. I fell over when he stopped the bike after we went for a test ride.

Laptops to bigscreen HD conversions . . . with a little side trail towards 2 wheelers? :tard:
dbw said:
What the hell are you guys talking about??
Kreig is getting old, CB told him to get an American made motorcycle to make him feel younger, then I responded by saying that CB' bike is cool, his helmet is over the top, and that my dad has a faster bike.
Fast is not the endgame with bikes.  Awww you guys with motors that have to go faster than 2500rpm... hehheehhee. 

OLD is what you do, not what you are.
No no CB, old is when you CAN'T do the things you could when you were young.

But I agree that you don't always need a fast bike, one with a big old gurgling motor sounds good.
Trust me... the only things I cant do now that I used to be able to do, are insignificant in the overall picture of life.  On the other hand, there are things I can do now... that are very meaningful indeed.