oddball amp question



Since you guys here seem to have a line on all things DIY guitar, and since I can't seem to find anything on this myself, I was wondering if anyone has any links or what have you to some one who manufactures amp cabinetry.  I find plenty of stuff about speaker cabs, but I am looking to put my old Fender Bassman head into some new digs.  Now before anyone freaks, let me tell you that it is not one of the more collectible Bassmans out there (it's a 66), and it has been through a lot!  The tolex was replaced at one point and apparently a blind monkey did the grill cloth!  Also a dog chewed on it for a while one day, so the actual wood cabinetry has been comprimised (poor dog, just kidding he is still with me).  The amp itself is still in perfect working order, but I can't bring this monstrosity anywhere, and quite honestly I lack the tools and knowhow to undertake this myself.  Anyway, all leads are as always appreciated! :rock-on:
I have my blackface Bassman in a custom made 2x10 combo cabinet.  It has a pair of Celestion Vintage 10s in it and it just screams out da blooz.

I had a guy make me the cabinet, but he's long out of biz.  Try Mark over at ampwares.com  he made me a 2x10 to fit the Tremolux head (not too unlike what you're doing) and it was pretty nice! 


Go to this site:


and click on "Cabinets" on the nav panel on the left side of the page, they have complete replacement head cabinets wiuth three Tolex options, you'd just unscrew the guts out of the damaged cab and install in the new one.

These guys on eBay have replacement cabs in black tolex only:


If you looking for fancy and expensive..


If you just want to get it back looking like it used to...


Hey thanks guys! I knew I could count on you! Great resources one and all. 

Hey CB, I had thought about turning this thing into a neat little combo, I bet that thing wails!  I have one of the old fender two by tweleves that these piggy back on, but I have always thought they sound more focused through the tens. Well, i'm off to search through all this new stuff you guys sent my way.  Whenever this comes to fruition i'll try to post some sorry-ass before, and gleaming new after pics.