Not sure what I'm looking for?



I'm running my guitar through my pedal board into two tech 21 power engines. I've got my distortion
well covered but my clean sound is lacking. I want something that would liven my clean sound up a
bit, I'm not after chorus or reverb or any kind of "effect". I've tried a number of preamp pedals but they
all seem to be designed to add gain or a volume boost, which isn't what I'm after.
Does anyone know of anything that could help? 
Although I know what you're saying is right, it's kind of the expensive right answer.
I have thought of buying another amp, but I play in stereo, so that would be two
other amps, which is going to add up to a pretty expensive fix.
Plus I'm really gassing on getting a soloist built.
I'm starting to think I should just abandon this thread and start another one
begging for money.
What guitar(s) you have and what is the clean sound you are looking for? Strat, tele, P90 or something different?

Some guitarists are using a w-d-w system. You can have a tube combo in the middle for dry sounds and the two power engines on the left & right for wet sounds.
If you have tried most preamps/pedals and you don't like the cleans, a tube amp is the only thing I can think also.

An extreme solution would be to sell the two power engines and buy two tube combos!