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Guys. Having delayed so long my initiation to the W, my plans have shifted. For a while, I knew I'd get a Tele with a SD Broadcaster bridge p/up and P90 neck; hollow swamp ash, wenge neck. (After getting the Danelectro, I don't want anything that isn't hollow anymore!) And those two were going to be the only two I would ever need. FOOLISH
Now I want a Strat. Hollow, possibly ash again. Possibly wenge. I should probably differentiate with the woods of two guitars. I would definitely have a P90 bridge; how about the neck position: another P90 or neck and middle Strat singles?
I really want to combine the howls of wenge and (at least one) P90. Maybe for both of these future projects.  :dontknow:
BTW, I chose a Broadcaster p/up instead of a more normal one because I've heard they're darker w/much less twang: True?
Maybe I should have a P90 Strat and a stock p/up Tele.

Ugh, and then there's Black Korina! Everything in the world currently sucks, and these are my problems!!! Lame.
Another thought: Would either a Strat or Tele look too unusual with a 24.75" conversion neck?