hey guys

new to this forum, but have been in love with warmoth for years, and have finally decided its time to get in the game and buy one.

i really feel like a noob here though as i have to ask, as im not ordering just project parts (ie just body etc), will it come assembled? this is pretty much the only thing i cant find out!

cheers for your time

Welcome to the boards!

Warmoth sells parts not completed guitars.  The assembly is up to you.
cheers mate

so even down to wiring looms its entirely just components you receive?

thanks again
Yeah, they'll sell you all the parts and components you want.  Unfortunately nothing is assembled.  They do finishing, drilling for controls, and routing on bodies. On necks they do fret installation, finishing, and installation of Corian or Graphtech nuts.  Wiring, assembly, and setup are all on you.  You can have a local luthier do the assembly, or learn how to do it yourself. 

Pick up a copy of "Guitar Players Repair Guide" by Dan Erlewine.  Even if you don't decide to build it yourself, you'll understand guitars so much better and have a understanding of what the Luthier is charging you.
Welcome to the forum James, as mentioned by Blue nothing is assmbled, but its not nearly as complicated as you might think, if you can use a soldering iron and screw driver, and set up a guitar (action, trus-rod) you can build one, even if you cant set it up take it to a shop. Building it is alot of fun anyway :) what type of build are you planning anyway?