new warmoth fan says hello


hey there.  Im stoked theres a forum about Warmoth products.  Ive been working on my Warmoth bass for some time now (ok, like a year), its a bass in the Charger Green color, Jazz shape, single MM style h-bucker in the sweet spot and a single push/pull volume coil tap.  I plan on putting a maple neck with maple board, bound and blocked in black.  So far Ive gotten the body squared away, the pickup and wiring done, bridge, etc... then I got antsy in the pantsy and stole the neck off of my MIM P bass and slapped it on there.  I can tell you I was suprised when I plugged it in how amazing it sounded... could be the electronics, but more than likely the sweet piece of ash that Warmoth sent my way.  This thing is heavy, but I like that.  Makes me feel like im playing haha.  Once I get the Warmoth neck I want my life will be complete... until I decide to build another one. Anyswayze, Id been lurking here and there and thought I would register.  Im off to have chicken salad sandwich.