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I recently ordered my "Priebecaster" strat from Warmoth with a pickup assembly from Rothstein. It's my first build and I'm really looking forward to breathing life into it. I've already learned alot from reading all the posts here and I feel more at ease now in that if I have a question or problem, there's tons of great advise here.
I ordered mine with the half scalloped neck 'cause I feel I always get tripped up doing speed runs high on the fretboard.  Does anyone have any experience with scalloped necks? Thanks!
Hey, man.  Of course it will be worthy of pics!  Also, I would love to hear what you think of the Rothstein stuff, I have heard great things about their work and almost ordered a prewired guard from them, but decided that I really wanted to do that myself this time around.  Anyway, keep us posted!
I will absolutely keep you posted. I would have no idea how to wire the assembly, so I thought this would be perfect for me. Plus I heard what a perfectionist he is and that the underneath of his assembles is like artwork. Plus I like all the choices of custom wirings, top notch parts, and PUP selection. He's also a very good guitarist with a hot band and a CD out. You can hear him on his site. I don't mean to promote someone else on this post, but hey, he holds Warmoth in high regards. He uses Warmoth pickguards because after trying them all he said Warmoth made the best. Amen