New Strat



Hollow Poplar, quilt maple top.
I've included pics of it fresh out 'da box, and with the beginnings of a dye job on the top.


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Looking good, what electronics are you installing? Details, man, details!!!
To ask for detail would be to presume that I have all of this planned out.  :dontknow:
I'm leaning toward EMG single coils, but that's right now, it can and will change. Guess I should also decide on what kind of neck pretty soon, huh?
Yes, it was a showcase piece. I've heard the lukewarm opinions about poplar, but a hollow Strat for under $200 was too much temptation for me.
hehehe...actually, no, it wasn't.
1st and 3rd washes were royal blue alcohol based dye, using powder I got from a guy on ebay. In between was black industrial pigment cut with lacquer thinner.
I didn't work up the testicular fortitude to use RIT, maybe on a swamp ash body I'm planning on buying after this one.
About poplar.. you know what, if it was really terrible, warmoth wouldn't use it. Besides, you can take comfort knowing you're not depleting rainforests in search of tropical woods!
That must be a pretty light body, hollow and all with that pickup route. What weight is it?
Well, it was 3lbs. 3oz. before I had them do rhe uni rout. It's probably just a shade under 3 lbs now.
Poplar aint so could be agathis or whatever the crappy wood that Fender uses on their squire line.

Didn't Carvin use poplar for a while? Don't know what you guys think about their guitars, but poplar always struck me as a decent, middle-of-the road kind of wood.
bpmorton777 said:
Poplar aint so could be agathis or whatever the crappy wood that Fender uses on their squire line.


Poplar is a great tone wood often used for strats. It just doesn't look attractive. Nothing wrong with poplar strats!
Here's a shot of the body after about 8-9 coats of lacquer, and before a 320-grit rubdown.


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