New Soloist just ordered!

Funky Phil

Senior Member
I've just ordered the neck and body for my new Soloist.

2 piece Padouk (centre joint) flat top, HxH (direct to wood mount), recessed Floyd Original.
Only the 5-way and side 7/8" socket hole done by Warmoth, so I can decide later on controls!

1/4 sawn Padouk, Standard Thin, Pro, 10"-16" radius, 22 (6105) frets, Pau Ferro board, Abalone dots.
R4 Floyd nut prep (1 11/16"), Kluson holes, Strat peghead (not angled).

I'm not going to use a finish...the idea is to produce a "rock" guitar to take me back to my youth (think EVH)!

Given that there is no finish, delivery should be quick-ish...I hope

I'm thinking of some sort of very versatile switching, including out-of-phase for that Brian May thing.
Expect pics soon! :headbang1:

Cool! I've always loved the look of padauk, this project will be great fun to follow :)