New Soloist Build: Korina

shanejw said:
Glad I got mine when i did.  I'm afraid to think of what a 5A quilt carved top would cost nowadays.

About $420...I did not go as high as 5A...I think is was 4A...what ever $220 buys these days!!!
here it is done.  I cannot be happier!   Black Korina warm tone...screaming harmonics!  This is a beast!  The EMGs are great!  The most surprising is the 85 in the neck.  I was expecting it to fall flat like it does in some other Alder/Ash bodied guitars I have played or muddy like it does in the Zack Wild Epi...but this puppy is great!  I am also happy with the Floyd nut/Kahler 2315 whammy combo...

The SS frats and wizard neck make this thing FAST.

The best part about it is I had the guys at the local SAM ASH drolling over both this and my current LP build.  (I like to have a guitar tech look at them to make sure the neck looks straight).  I was happy considering there was about 200K in GIBONS, PRS and FENDERS hanging on the wall!!

absolutely fantastic!!
I have to make sure to add a shredder/soloist to my wishlist!!