New guy (to the forum) with a Warmoth build in the midst…


Hello. How. Are. You…

I’m the resident new guy here, though this is my 2nd time applying for membership. The first time, I was flagged by Admin (Aaron…?) for being a bot/scam/troll. 2nd time’s a charm…?

I have been a long time member of one of the other gossip forums around, but at times it just becomes un-useful for me.

Anyhow, I am also semi-experienced with Warmoth products as I own two Jazz 5 Std necks, one fretted (roasted maple/roasted maple), one fretless (roasted maple/unlined ebony). Perhaps the best-feeling/playing necks I’ve experienced. Both necks are attached to Squier natural-finish maple bodies.

I have a full Warmoth build in the plans and I am very close to placing the order. This build would be a Stingray-inspired Deluxe Jazz 5, so more like a 5-string Flea Active Jazz.
I have collected all parts necessary from pickup all the way down to the strap buttons and string retainers over time. All I need to buy is the neck and body (and neck plate/screws) from Warmoth.

I’m planning an Ash body in either Tobacco Burst or Blue Burst (yeah big difference, I know) and either a Rosted Flame Maple neck/fretboard with cream dots or a Regular Roasted Maple neck/fretboard with Pearl Blocks.
I don’t like the idea of blocks on flame…if I go with flame, I’d rather not have blocks take away valuable (beautiful) real estate.

I have found a couple of samples on-line that might represent these color combinations well enough, but I still can’t decide.

This one is an actual Warmoth build I found in the old Showcase pages before the website revamp.
Tobacco Burst, Pearl blocks

This one is a Sadowsky in their Bora Blue Burst - looks very similar to Warmoth’s Blue Burst


I’m leaning more towards the Tobacco, it seems more “classy” to me.

With regard to the neck, I know that the amount of flame in any neck is sort of “you get what you get”, no guarantees. I’ve seen some Warmoth flame maple necks with barely a whisp of flame, and some that look phenomenal. I don’t know if I want to make that gamble.

Any insight from you Warmoth Veterans, or Aaron himself?
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Welcome! I think option #1 looks classier, but option two might look really great with a darker fingerboard like ebony
I love option 2 (but my taste differs from most here). But i strongly encourage you to disregard all our opinions and go with your guts.

Also, if you have some extra cash to spare you can still choose a unique option for the neck wood - then you can be sure about the degree of flame.
Right now, there are a few Roasted Flame Maple Deluxe necks in the showcase (none of which have spec’s I want…like 1-7/8” nut and 22 fret with cream dots).
But they don’t seem to be all that “flamey”

What I normally compare flame quality to is my G&L L2500.

It has a 4-piece flame maple neck, and each piece is quarter-sawn. It just looks incredible and never moves.
I just might go with regular roasted and blocks…

I don’t see an option to upgrade the flame grade with roasted maple
Well... I don't like blue guitars. Can't explain it. I like the color blue, but not for guitars. So my vote is for tobacco sunburst.
Myself, I don’t like Jazz with a plate and no guard. If you go route 1, go rear route and lose the control plate.
The bass will be a Stingray-inspired build. Rear route, no PG or plate, one pickup. I only used that photo for color and neck reference.
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Welcome to the forum.

On the colour choice it is a personal thing, though of the two for a Jazz 5 I would probably lean towards the tobacco burst.

For the neck if you want blocks you could always have a roasted flame maple shaft wood and then let Warmoth decide which roasted flame maple to put on the board for $35 and as they will install the blocks you are only going to see the finished product. Or go with a different wood for the board and add binding as an option. Binding and blocks always looks good on a Jazz I think.