New Project Coming Up!!


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I will be placing an order for my next project next week (when i get paid for some of my ebay sells:))
Inspired by all the thinlines that have been completed on the board over the past months.

Black Korina Thinline
Indian Rosewood top
TOM/String Through bridge
Goncalo Neck/Br RW fb
no inlay
Gold HW
Cream pearloid pg
I am going to try a Tung Oil finish this time

I need you guys' advise on 2 final questions:
- is Brazilian RW a good match with Goncalo? or is it better to go for Pau Ferro for a better bright/warm balance?
- I can't decide on the hole pattern.. arched or angled.. :confused4:
- I am trying to find out if a maple pinstripe is completely out of the question on a hollow body.. hope to hear back from W soon :)

it should look something like this.. (except it should have a lighter headstock and fb)

Coolio; don't know that you even need a fretboard; why not go a one-piece Goncalo neck to contrast with the body, or a one-piece Indian Rosewood neck to match the laminate? There WAS an all Indian Rosewood Thinline in the Showcase, but that puppy disappeared quick....

As for tone, an all Indian Rosewood neck is going to be REAL similar to mahogany tone-wise; based on my two Tele builds with RG P-90s that's a great combo
+1 all-indian rosewood neck to match the lam. Angled holes?
Sounds like another great one! Good luck.
Oh no! I just talked myself out of getting an all rw neck, just because I already have a Black Korina guitar with a Rosewood neck :)
now I am starting to change my mind again! and you won't believe how many times I already changed my mind about this one ;)
all Goncalo sounds good too though, but I am not sure if raw goncalo is suitable for a fb. the only all goncalo neck i know of (CB's) is finished.
There were a few all Goncalo Strat/Tele necks available a while back; but they got snapped up pretty quick, was going to get one for that quilt body I was going to dye blue I got screwed on from eBay.

What I really want is TN1443 (all brazilian)... but without the dots....... and the price tag  :icon_biggrin:
That's eerie Marko. I was doodling on that Kisekai thing this afternoon and came up with a very similar concept. The woods were a bit different and I'm over gold hardware at the moment but the thinline layout the pickups and the bridge were pert near identical :eek: :eek: :eek:

FWIW I asked a while ago about a pinstripe on a hollow body tele. I was told no because it's really a veneer that goes under the lam top and they can't guarantee it wouldn't vibrate in a hollow body because of the gluing process they use. A thinline has a thicker top than a hollow body but I think the vibration issue would still apply. Oh and just to be different I reckon the staggered hole pattern would suit a tele. :icon_smile:
ah, the pinstripe veneer makes sense.. however, I don't understand how it would vibrate if it is glued to the top, the same way it is glued between a top and solid body. oh well, it was worth a try..:)

you should post your kisekea pic so we can compare it to the end result! :)
I didn't even consider the staggered holes, but I guess it would look right on a thinline..
Sorry mate I can never seem to figure out how to save those buggers.  I'm a bit of a  :tard: when it comes to 'puters