new prject i cant wait


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i was so thrilled with my first warmoth neck (a reverse cbs strat, all birdsey and abalone inlays, fat back and 1-3/4 nut) that i started a new project guitar. a couple weeks ago i ordered a hollow tele, not a thinline. rear route. black korina with koa top and creame binding.
i'll do my own control locations. one 3-way and a volume. not decided about the tone, maybe none, maybe a 6 way switvh to chose from a selection of caps.

it will have a gold vintage style tele bridge with a rails p/u maybe a lil 59'
a p-90 style p/u of unknown origins that i got for 800yen (about $7) it has a dc res or 8.3k the magnets are very large but have little strength probably very warm sounding.
all natral finish, i'll try tung oil fist but if i don't get the gloss i want i'll go clear laquer.

and i'm undecided about the neck
part of me wants koa or goncalo to visually match the top
part likes what the site says about bubinga and purple heart
and i can't help but wonder about the searing mids of wenge
i can't get enough birdseye maple but i want this to be diferent.
i'd like to hear any sugestions, and comments anyone has.
I'm waiting for a black korina/koa top hollow body too.....small world!  Mine's an L5S with ivoroid binding. I already have the neck for it a boat neck Variax of bubinga/bubinga. I have a swamp ash tele already with a bubinga/kingwood neck and I just love it. I used SD phatcats on it and the thing just roars!
Korina and koa can be fairly dramatic in appearance so I thought bubinga would be a good choice, not only for the tone but the color and grain pattern will complement the body woods and not clash. At least I hope not. All the best :icon_thumright:
i was leaning for bubinga too.
CB says great things about goncolo but i'm not sure it's for me.
i wish there were a place to play guitars with diferent exotic necks to see for myself how they sound.
There's always the 10 day return policy at Warmoth if you're not happy with a neck or other product you buy from them. I'd rather doubt you'd be in the mind to return a goncalo or bubinga neck once you got your hand around one...

the body just came in.
the pictures don't do it justice.
although i ordered plain koa it has a fair amount of figure. more than comes through in the photo's
neck came in today! purple heart/madagascar ebony and a koa vaneer! 
no pics today the camera is dead. i'll post it all assembled soon!