New L5S


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I posted a couple of photos of my new L5S  in the "General Discussion" section, but this is a more appropriate location. Here's a couple more:

L5S Mahogany Body With Walnut Top
Hollow Body No F-Holes
Ebony Fretboard With Pearloid Block Inlays (Abalone looks nicer but whiter pearliod is easier to see at a glance)
Variax Conversion Neck 24.75 Scale
Compound Radius Fretboard
Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickups -Bridge pickup reversed so poles are closer to neck (Intent was for mellower jazz tones all around)
Gibson 59' LP Chunky Neck
Ebony Control Knobs  (had these laying around)
Control Cavities Lined with Copper Roof Sheathing Like Heavy Copper Foil
Gold Color Fret wire (.090" X .055")
Sounds and plays pretty good!



THAT is one rare  build on the board that I would actually love to death if it were mine

gotta love the L5S to begin with

but THAT is definitely an original masterwork

First, Thanks to all for the kind replies!!

" the binding.  Very classy build."

There is no binding or decals or anything--It  is an unintended illusion created by the lighting/contrast in the photo.

"How was the body finished? Is that oiled or something else?"

The guitar has a clear satin finish.

helios said:
"Duped thread..."

Sorry, my fault-new here!

How's about posting it in the completed projects section below.  :icon_thumright:  Maybe one of the mods can move your two threads there, as well.
The guitar is magic, you don't even need sound clips, you can hear it just by looking at it.............

but sound clips would be appreciated.  :toothy11: