New Blackguard


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This one is staying with me.

Single piece 4.3 lb swamp ash.
5A Maple Vintage Modern Boat Neck, 1 5/8, 6100, bone nut.
Pickups are Don Mare 2324's built to match Roy Buchanan's Nancy Pickups.
Pot's, Cap, and knobs are off a 1953 Fender Lap guitar.
Vintage Bridge and compensating saddles are Glendale .
Lacquered Blackguard is from Callaham.
The hardware and Vintage slotted screws are also from Callaham.
Pickup slector is off a Hammond Leslie switch.
String are 13 through 57.  Tune down to D
Final set up by Glade Rassmusen.

1965 Super Reverb is for your enjoyment.

Well covet mine then... its up for grabs soon as I finish some rewiring on it (transitional plastic going back to cloth wire)
Damn, I used to have a Super like that.  I got it for $300 back in the late 1980's.  Put a lot of work into it (new tubes, new speakers, etc.) but ended up selling it to save the house.  Of course, I'm no longer married to the woman who drove me into the ground like that so I regret selling all the gear I did per her demand.

That Tele is sexy, dude!
Like everything you touch-- beautiful. How do you like those glendale saddles? I've heard great things
How do you like those glendale saddles?

This is the second Tele I have used them on and I will be using them on all my traditional style Tele builds from here on out.  I learned about them on this board and I love them.
Geez, you people won't let my mind rest until I've earned enough for my own!