New all Black Tele!


Its my first warmoth guitar and probably won't be my last!  I think I did pretty good.  I hope you guys like it!  Thank you all for helping me on my wiring!  I was ready to give up when all I got was nasty hums.  Thanks to everyone that helped me fix my problem!  All the frustration and anger you feel, seem to diminish once you plug in the guitar and make love to it!  Here she is.  I think shes pretty darn pretty! :icon_thumright: 

Tele Deluxe
Mahogany body routed for gibsons in Gloss black
White pearl Cell pickguard
Black pearl inlay knobs
Schaller flatmount bridge
CTS and Switchcraft
Gibson 57 classic and 57 plus pickups
all vintage cloth wires

Tele Mahogany neck with 59' Roundback contour in Gloss black
Rosewood fretboard
6150 frets
MOP dot inlays
Graphtech nut
Gotoh locking and height adjustable tuners - staggered


And YES....thats an amp you don't see everyday :toothy10:  Start drooling boys!  A modern 2005 Fender Frontman 25R! :icon_biggrin:  ALL SOLIDstate with horrible distortion! hahaha...I'm trying guys!  I'm a broke college student! :toothy12:
I was hoping you were a college student when I saw that fridge!  Nice Tele though, and I know what you mean about one little thing throwing you off.  The first time I plugged in my Warmoth I got a sound that could best be described as "guitar at the other end of a really long tunnel".  Took it all apart again only to find that in my excitement, and despite my best effort to follow schematics exactly, I had switched hot and ground at the jack.  Oh well, that is exactly why I wanted to build a guitar in the first place, I need to know how things work, and well, I know I will never make that mistake again!  In all seriousness, that is a nice looking Deluxe, and as with most Warmoth builds, you aren't likely to run into anyone with one quite like that. 
Thank you! really....yeah.  I'm sure I'll get over it once I'm out...making a few hundred K right?  Isn't that the whole deal?  You go to school...make nothing for years, get your PHD and then make millions?  Hahaha.  Yeah...the good old college fridge!  Gotta love it. 
I thought you said it was all black? What's with that fancypants pickguard?

I kid I kid. Looks awesome. Will look even better with a righteous amp next to it. And after few years of relentless playing it will look perfect.
Woweeee !  ! !

That Tele looks hella good ! !

I think I want one.
Good work.
Build an amp next !