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A couple of Walnut questions..I am wondering if anybody can answer this:

Why can you get a flame walnut top on a Carved top (3/4"), a lam top (1/8") but not on a thinline? I know it will be thicker than a lam top, but not nearly as thick as a piece used for a carved top...

I was also wondering if W makes a difference between flamed and figured Walnut.. sometimes you see walnut tops in the showcase that don't really have any flames, but are really figured and have a lot of different colors in them.. (would that be claro? or burled walnut?)
sorry, had to change the title on this one.. :laughing7: :laughing7:
so no one ever ordered figured or flamed walnut?
any experience on the thinline option? anybody???
I got a highly figured walnut top on a Tele thinline.

Brother Vic has that guitar now....

It might not be listed on the webpages, but all you have to do is call for availability of the wood. 

Veek... show em the thinline pix?
I found it! this must be the one:
and that is a fantastic Thinline!

and that is exactly what I wanted to know. also, it has the type of multicolor figuring I was talking about.
would this type of top fall under 'extra cost woods' or did you pay a surcharge for extreme figuring? or both?

Sure thang, Bro!~   When I saw this CB built - I just HAD to have it!





wow that Tele is really fantastic!!
is that binding different than the regular type W is offering?