need suggestions: Swamp Ash or Walnut...


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Ok, before I start my ultimate warmoth, I decided to order parts for a more basic project first..
It will be a very simple strat, with a raw rosewood/rosewood neck, and a true oil finished hardtail body.
The problem is, I can't decide between Swamp ash or Walnut.. both options seem to be a nice balanced combination with an all rosewood neck. I know what to expect with Swamp ash, but never had a walnut body. I liked the discriptions I read so far, especially when somebody described the sound as 'woody' (even though I don't know what to expect with that :)

So does does anybody have any recommendations or experience with either combination?

I will defenitely put some high gain humbuckers in, and I am looking for an organic, fat but not muddy sound
With a maple neck, a walnut body sounds fairly "bright", my set up is a Strat walnut body with overwound neck/mid pickups and a SD Lil' 59 at the bridge; vaguely late 60's SGish on the bridge pickup if that sound description makes any sense to you; raw rosewood neck might warm that up a little...
I've never had either one (I want a swamp ash strat though) but it's always been my understanding that with a brighter body, mellower pickups work better.  
I've got a Fender Strat from 78, its got a dense ash body (pretty, but heavy).  Thats a bright body.  Maple neck.  Bright too.  I dont think any amount of warm pickups could do it justice, its just a bright bright guitar.

On the other hand, a mellowish body with plucky bright pickups.... something like a hollow Strat (that looks solid) with some Texas Specials, or with Fralins hotter wind, or even with some hot Bill Lawrences... (but really the Texas Specials.....)  Now that would be something that is resonant and in your face a bit too.

I've got an ES-333 (like a 335 with no headstock inlay, plus a "back door" like a Lucille).  I just popped some BurstBucker-Pro's in it, and while it doesn't suit my style, it would suit the style of many, since its a punchy, loud, in-yo-face, up front and standout tone.  Again, warm body, punchy pickups.  The LP BFG, they're hollow also (yup!  got the Xray to prove it), and have a hot p90 and Burstbucker-3 in it.  Again, warm body, punchy pickups.... and again, some really nice tones.  The BFG, a bit warmer than even the 333 with BBpros, is more my style.  The 333 will get some alnico II to replace the alnico V and probably be just fine with that.