need some help


Hello everyone getting ready to start on my first project ,j bass , i want to run 2 vol  and 2 tone  but cant find any wiring diagrams anywhere ,the pups are seymore  quarter pound and the sjb3 hot,  does anyone know where to find such info ? sent semore D. an e-mail and they have not responded  so any help would be greatly appreciated and i'm running a passive set up thanks in advance ! KB
Use this guitar circuit, but with 250K pots. As you're not using the toggle, just leave that part of the circuit out and run from the 2 volume pots to the hot output on the jack; you're essentially wiring it up as if the toggle was in the "both" position.
thanks a bunch !  do i have to use 250 s ? the dude from warmoth told me i needed 500 so thats what they sent !
You can use any value you want; the original Jbass V-V-T circuit uses all 250K pots; thought you were trying to recreate that with 2 tone controls rather than the one master.
ok getting ready to wire my pu's and warmoth sent me four capacitors why do i need four ? do i need them on vol. pots also ? 
thanks!  am gonna use your diagram you sent me jack, but could i also wire them as seperate one vol one tone and duplicate for second pickup and connect both at the jack ? what would be the diff. ? just curious KB