HS Wiring

See earlier post, I have edited the diagram.

I have added two simple and obviously needed jumper wires, which I missed when adapting another diagram as I was focussed on the splits and parallel. This should solve the problem of positions 3 and 4 for you. I have added the missing jumpers in blue to your diagram.

In position 5 as you are using a single coil on its own it will be prone to noise and RF as it has no hum cancelling properties by itself.

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Here is another version which achieves the same outcome. The layout may be simpler to follow what is going on.

Note: the previous version may be better if wanting to incorporate additional switching post the selector switch, such as out of phase as in this version bridge green and bare go directly to ground. That said, a phase switch for the bridge green and black could be pre selector switch and the bare in this case go directly to ground, bypassing the phase switch.


Switch above oriented as follows.

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thanks alot man, i added the blue jumpers and it seems that it was the missing link. all five positions work now.
only surprising thing is that position 4 is a bit odd. very thin and not noisefree. i had before a 3 way switch for split and another 3 way for pickup select and i remember the split sound hum free and not THAT thin. maybe i splitted the wrong coil in my old wiring and we now know that the p90 side is not in the right polarity with the häussel. the position 3 however sounds great. i assume it would not be an easy operation to re wire the second position to neck + inner coil without destroying everything else right?
thanks alot man, i added the blue jumpers and it seems that it was the missing link. all five positions work now.

Good to hear, it was a schoolboy error on my side. When I adapted the diagram I used for it, I just forgot to add those jumper wires.

If position 3 is correct, then the P Rails is the same in position 4. Perhaps the Haussel if it sounds thin in position 4 is out of phase with the Seymour Duncan. Try swapping the hot and cold wires of the Haussel as if it is out of phase, that should fix that. In position 5 it should also be okay as the Haussel cannot be out of phase with itself.
heureka, that was the issue! switched the two wires, now position 2 sounds fantastic too! many thanks!!!!

Cool, I should bill you guys one of these days 😀.⁣ But don't you mean position 4 for the P90 & neck single coil for consistency.