Need help identifing neck


Any ideas on what this would be worth?  Have no use for it and would like to sell it.  Just dont know exactly what it is.  Looked on the Warmoth site and didnt see anything just like it.  1.635 is penciled in on the heel. Has Gotoh tuners. thx


Does it have a side adjustment set on the right side of the heel of the neck looking from the front? If so, looks like a Warmoth Pro with a Schaller or Floyd locking nut & Gotoh P38 tuners in plain maple.... Hard to tell radius or fret size from pics. Would cost around $190 to order new from Warmoth with tuners...
Then I'm clueless, thought all maple necks except for Warmoth Pros had a walnut skunk stripe, but they also have side adjustment screw, you have any idea how old that is?
Looks like that table could make a few nice bodies, How much for the dinner table?