need help building a rig


I'm ecstatic over my new warmoth neck- i also put in some new pickups and electronics so what I have now is bass worthy of actual gigging. My only problem now is a lack of amplification! I've relied entirely on small combo amps (nothing over 60 watts - which isn't bad) with good tone- swr mostly. I want to start putting myself out there as a bass player but I feel like I need a decent rig to be competitive.

does anyone have suggestions on where/how to begin? I was an awful physics student so I'm still learning how to manage ohms and wattage, but if anyone can help by offering advice on what equipment works well with what - that'd be awesome. (for example - "try this head with that cabinet")

I'm looking for something that'll work well with something in both rock and jazz/fusion genre.
Buy that dual showman head in our for sale section - have it fixed up 100 percent - and play it into a single 15 + 2 x 10 cabinet, and dont ever change it!
I'm a 6-stringer, so I don't know a lot about bass gear.  I will say that I like the sound of Ampeg and David Eden stuff.
The best thing to ever happen to bass rigs is 10 inch speakers.
how much you looking to spend,

a good combo  $700-900

the first two are low wattage, but incredibly loud and puchny with great bass
the third has a 700 watt head, so you can plug in up to 3 small cab (if you can call 9 speakers small.

Its more boutique, but why not treat yourself if you have the cash.
be sure watch the vids.

If not, i can always suggest more.
I got a Carvin PB100-15 on eBay for $55 about two years ago!  It is perfect for me as I'm primarily a guitarist but I'm playing bass with a group.  100 watts is more than you're asking for, but more power for bass is always better.  The Carvin is great for my G&L L-2000.

You can kinda see the amp behind me in this picture.

Me with my L-2000
The ultimate bass rig is a rack with a Tech-21 SansAmp RBI preamp into a 800 to 1000 watt poweramp into an 8x10 cab (or two 4x10 cabs). Add a Furman, and a Korg tuner to the rack and you're ready to thump...
I dig Carvin Bass amps.. I bought one for a friend of mine...

It sounds really great, it was a 600watt head with a 4X10 cab.... I got it new for about 800$

It's loud enough to knock you off your feet. and is a tone machine... Great investment.
Once you play through an RBI preamp, you'll never go back to anything else...
T.L. said:
Once you play through an RBI preamp, you'll never go back to anything else...

Depends on the tonality you want. It wouldn't be my first choice for jazz fusion.

There are quite a few different ways to go with a bass rig.  If you want to go the rack direction, look for a used SWR Grand Prix or an old Yamaha B100 III preamp on ebay.  Both are single rackspace and relatively inexpensive.  Pair either with a Stewart Audio power amp.

An Ashdown ABM 500 head would be another alternative.  Plenty clean, but leaves room for some great tube grind.

Check out for sound samples.

For cabinets, Accugroove is by far my first choice.  Very clean and very natural.  Sounds like whatever you're pumping in to them.
10"s rule but you really have to put put a lot of power to them to fill up a room.  It's just my opinion but if you had 300 watts to a 15" you would probably need 500 to 600 to get the same sound level.  I have a SWR rig. (not perfect, but I'm happy)  I started out with a 350 watt head and a 4x10".  I didn't get a "happening" tone until I doubbled the wattage.  A tube amp would be different though.  The big question is, what's your budget?

I'd always had discretion, but it's always nice to have more power available than the guitar player.  :laughing7: