Need an acoustic guitar bridge repair.

Mor Paul

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So, a few days ago, I was given an old acoustic guitar by a friend's dad. It needed some repair, so he wasn't going to sell it. The only repair that is necessary for me is a bridge repair.


Any ideas of how I could get that fixed and where to get the stuff? I'd like to keep it under $50.
No clue. I thanked the guy, and as a bonus, my brother went with the guy's family for a few days. Free guitar and no younger brother!
The bridge looks fine!  It's just the saddle that's broken.  If you take off all the strings you should be able to lift the saddle right out.  You can replace it yourself for under $10 if you're prepared to spend some time filing and sanding it to the right size and shape.  You can probably get it done professionally for under $100, or by a knowledgeable friend for free.
Here's a site on how to do it.  They also sell saddles, as do many many sites.
I've done it three times on one bass, not that hard to make one,  just hard to get it perfect.