Neck Warranty Void if Without Hard Finish


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I received my Warmoth body and neck.  I'm very pleased with the different colors and how they all go together.  I was a little anxious thinking about if everything would look good together but my worries are over.  It's going to be exactly what I wanted.  I'll post pictures maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, I noticed a stamp on my Warmoth neck stating that the warranty is void if a hard finish isn't applied.  But I ordered a clear satin finish.  And the itemized bill reflects that.

Could the finishing have been accidently skipped at the factory?  Or do they have that stamp on all the maple necks before the clear finish goes on?  How can I tell?  It is, after all, a CLEAR (invisible) finish.
That warranty blurb is stamped on all applicable necks; if you have any sort of factory finish, just disregard
Two easy ways to see if a clear satin was applied:
- Look for a red dot on the heel of the neck.
- If the fingerboard is rosewood, look at the end of the board just beyond the nut slot.  It can look a little shinny at this spot.